The story will continue….

I can’t stop writing Rigmor and Wulf’s story. I don’t care how many read it as long as I can afford to host it. So, now the finances are secure for another twelve months, on it goes.

Here is a brief synopsis of what is going to take place.

  • The Hall of the Vigilants will not be destroyed.
  • Keeper Carcette will be told about Wulf by Lord Stendarr and become a Dragonguard.
  • With the aid of Carcette, Wulf will tackle many plans of Daedric Princes. These plans will include some mods I have never included before. Others will be significantly expanded upon.
  • Wulf will go deep undercover to investigate and shut down a slavery ring.
  • Wulf will aid the Psijic Order. (That will generate many journal entries and involve much gobblygook!)
  • Wulf will go to Alinor and deal with The Thalmor at home.
  • Wulf will have problems with The Synod. He won’t forget their treachery when he is Emperor!
  • Wulf will travel through time more than once and, consequently, deal with Dragon Breaks.
  • I will complete many tasks without writing about them. These tasks will allow the population of Dragonborn Gallery and permanently cleanse many of the bandit, vampire, and necromancer hideouts.
  • Several plagues will ravage Skyrim. A lot of people are going to die!

These are the things I want to complete before RoC.

3 thoughts on “The story will continue….

  1. Bryan, your not wrong. I was very despondent before I read this. And now I’m excited about what is coming up.

  2. Sounds like you will be quite busy in the next few months or so. Looking forward to reading the journals. Thank You Mark

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