Rigmor enters Oblivion

Hours after closing Mehrunes Dagons’ Oblivion Gate, others are opening, and Wulf has minutes to prepare. Wulf doesn’t know what realm of Oblivion he is entering or what dangers he will face, but intuition tells him he can’t survive alone. Rigmor is adamant that she will fight beside him. Therefore, he reluctantly takes Rigmor and Celestine into Oblivion. The rest of the Dragonguard want to join them, but they are needed to defend the people of Skyrim.

Wulf’s intuition was correct. He would not have survived alone. Who is behind this attack on Nirn? How widespread is it?

3 thoughts on “Rigmor enters Oblivion

  1. Shit, this a surprise. Excited waiting to read this. I don’t think there will be much banter going on in this one. I wonder how much time Rigmor will spend looking around.

  2. Now you even give us trailers? That’s hard to stand but I will enjoy the waiting. You really should improve that subscription with patreon!!!!

  3. I just got caught up with the entries and it ends, for now I know, with the illustrious end of movie bonus sneak peak. Can’t wait for what’s next in the story amd finding out who is causing the gates.

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