Fredas, 21st Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

Skyrim Wilderness, Shrine of Azura, Dragonborn Gallery: Memories. We crawled out of bed at about 7:00AM and had a quick breakfast. Rigmor stayed below decks while I flew Nafalilargus to a surprise stop. After I anchored the airship The Sentinel scaled the ladder to make sure the areas was safe. A few minutes later they […]

Turdas, 20th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205 Part Four

High Hrothgar, Throat of the World, Dragonborn Gallery: Greybeards. I went up on deck and activated the ethereal travel. Fade in and out and the airship was slowly glided into dock at High Hrothgar. As expected Odahviing was entertaining himself flying circles around the summit of the highest mountain in Tamriel. The bell rang, the […]

Turdas, 20th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205 Part Three

Camp Argentum: Complications. It only took a few minutes at full speed for the airship to reach Camp Argentum. It appeared to be platoon in size with a command tent, covered latrine and wash-room, covered mage and medical centre and covered mess. There was only one entrance protected by a tower and two other towers […]

Slight Delay…

I have had to reinstall Skyrim and all mods and rush through the Rigmor Mods. Quite often Skyrim becomes unstable when save files get large. I was up to save number 2015 and it was full of garbage! The good thing is I installed some really good updates to some mods. After the depressing trip […]