Morndas, 24th Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Skyrim: Trust. It was just before 2:00AM when Revel and I stopped before a door. It was obviously not to a cottage and was embedded into the mountainside. I gave Revel his promised oats then left him free to graze the area. The door had a totem next to it consisting of a Spriggan Matron’s […]

Sundas, 23rd Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Skyrim: Hypocrites. It was about 1:30AM when the exhausted Altano and the completely fresh me arrived in Windhelm. “Why don’t you ride a horse?” I asked the Vigilant. Altano replied, “I am allergic to them.” I worked hard to stifle my sniggers before we entered Candlehearth Hall. It was my least favourite inn of Skyrim. […]

Loredas, 22nd Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Skyrim: Fanatics. I was asleep in the house adjoining Dragon’s Keep. Rigmor would be flying in from Bruma in the morning so we can finally do the tour of the orphanage. It is something we have been planning for months but every time we set a day aside something always gets in the way. Something […]

Loredas, 8th Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Falskaar: Small things count! At around 9:00AM I sent Lydia to ask if Jarl Agnar and his wife Jalma would care to sit and talk with us. They invited us to visit their home at 10:00AM. Rigmor and I dressed in matching finery. The usual clothing we wear at court and public appearances is meant […]