Tirdas, 14th Suns’ Dawn, 4E 205

Sea of Ghosts: Battle, How could they? I was woken by a loud knock on the cabin door. I delicately climbed over the still fast asleep Rigmor. I don’t think she is going to handle today very well. I tried convincing her not to board the Akaviri slaver boat but she insisted she wants to […]

Morndas, 13th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

Sea Of Ghosts: Ultimate evil revealed. I dreamt, which is something I never usually record but this was interesting. Rigmor and I were just adventurers going where we wanted and when without a care in the world. We had stopped by Dave’s to share a crate of various expensive and highly intoxicating beverages. We were […]

Sundas, 12th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

Allie’s Shack, Dave’s Cave, Woodcutter’s Camp, Sonje: Name found and destinies mapped. This journal entry was written at sea on the 13th Sun’s Dawn. I slowly came awake to the sound of Rigmor and Allie talking. That is twice in a row Rigmor has awoken before me. Weird! As I rubbed the sleep out of […]

Loredas, 11th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

Snow Forest, Roscrea Forest, Allies’ Hut: Run, Jump, Swim, Laugh, Cry, Almost die. I woke around 7:00AM and Rigmor was not in the cave. I panicked. I ran outside yelling her name. Please, not again, no more separation, please! I heard a cheery, “Over here my silly Dragonborn.” I found her sitting in front of […]

Fredas, 10 Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

First Base Camp, Roscrea Ice Fields, Second Base Camp: Banter and love. We were both exhausted and slept later than I can recall us ever doing before. I arose about 10:00AM and built the fire up and cooked a reasonable breakfast. I woke Rigmor at around 11:00AM. I gently shook her shoulder and as she […]

Tirdas, 7th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

The Imperial Palace: Rigmor makes a choice, Boring speech, Decree signing, Sickening proposal, Genius gameplay, Bobby bull, Figuring it out, Not so sneaky, Secret revealed, Rigmor taken, Blackwell visit, Moronic Morag, Weeping Wulf. I awoke and gently shook Rigmor awake. As I washed and shaved Rigmor dressed herself in her finery. We were still being […]