Sundas, 30th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

Imperator, Midwood Island: Death visits the island. It was just before 9:00AM when we disembarked the Imperator. It will soon set sail again as I will set up a beacon and summon the airship when we want to leave. A few people were curious about an obviously high ranking Imperial Legion officer but nobody seemed […]


Just over a year ago I started this blog. Nearly 1.2 million words in draft form. Nearly 800,000 words published. Over 6000 live game screenshots taken and 3000 saved games. Over 300 posed screenshots. If you add all the hours over that year at minimum 7 hours per day that is 2,555 hours or 106.45 […]

Turdas, 27th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

Bruma, Imperial Palace: Is nothing sacred? Ever since Lord Akatosh spoke to Rigmor I find myself praying at the Bruma Chapel every day I can. If I have stayed with my beloved overnight in Bruma then just after breakfast I head there with The Sentinel in tow. There is a residual presence of my Lord […]

Morndas, 24th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205 Part Two

Dragonborn Gallery, Dragon Bridge, Steepfall Burrow, Windhelm, Dragon’s Fall, Sancre Tor, Oblivion: A beautiful thing! With The Sentinel in tow once again I headed to see Auryen at about 10:30AM. I found him sitting and relaxing in the library. He asked, “When are you planning to leave for Sancre Tor? I though you said you […]