Middas, 10th Heartfire, 4E 201

Yngol’s Camp, Casius’ Camp, Dawnstar, Island Fortress, Altar of Trinimac, Oblivion, Malacath’s Folly, Homestead Farm: Reckless dash, Allies Gathered, Boat to island, Fort assault, Altar massacre, Rigmor saved, Oblivion Gate destroyed, Rigmor forgets.

I have never ridden so recklessly or with such dread in my heart.

Every minute counted.

I sometimes ignore the main roads and go cross country but at a careful pace.

This time I rode down steep embankments, leapt over streams and rode Blaze as if we were on the best road in Skyrim.

Blaze might be totally devoid of affection but his endurance and the way he lit the way for me made him my best friend for that night.

I encountered Thalmor patrols but did not stop. Any news they sent would not be fast enough.

If the New Order had their whole damn army waiting on that island it would not be enough.

I was going to save Rigmor and then I was going into Oblivion to stuff up the plans of a God.

There was no room for doubt or hesitation.

I arrived at Yngol’s command tent just after 2:00AM.

On reflection that was an unbelievable time to get from the shrine to Yngol.

At the time it was still too slow. We must hurry!

Yes, yes, nice to see you too Yngol. Yes I am still alive. Yes this is about Rigmor.

Yngol insisted we go and sit to talk. Can’t these guys think standing?

I told him Rigmor is still alive and I need his help. He just wanted the details and where to go and who to kill.

I could have told him that standing up outside!

I told him we need to see Casius and he said both sides of the Civil War are at truce and we can just ride into the Imperial camp.

So we set off on a less neck breaking ride due to Yngol having to keep up. I think he weighs more than his poor horse!

We got from Yngol’s to Casius’ camp in just over three hours.

Once again on reflection that is amazing speed. Still too long for me at the time.

Yes, yes, nice to see you too Casius. Yes I am still alive. Yes this is about Rigmor.

Once again we could not just stand outside for a fucking minute or two so I could tell them what we needed to do.

So I spent several minutes explaining how Rigmor and I were ambushed. How she was captured alive and is to be sacrificed so some immortal can be reborn as a God on Nirn so he can kill every single person. That we need to go now and save her for fucks sake! So they can take her to Homestead Farm and I can casually walk into Oblivion and thwart the ambitions of this God and be home for dinner!

Eventually they got the idea to move a bit faster than a drunk snail.

We pelted along the main roads as fast as our mounts would go.

We encountered no Thalmor or any other obstacles on our journey

We arrived in Dawnstar about 6:45AM. I unsummoned Blaze to a few “oohs” and “ahhs” from locals and a “What the fuck? It is on fire and can disappear!” from Yngol.

While the other two were stabling their horses I went to the docks to find Jonte.

He was standing in front of barely seaworthy piece of junk that looked like it had been swallowed by a whale and crapped out the other end.

He said beggars can’t be choosers and asked if were ready to go. The other two ran up and we all bundled onto the “boat” and were on the way at a lightly less hectic speed.

I had managed to gather Yngol and Casius and get on the boat to the island in about seven hours. Once again amazing on reflection. Once again too slow for me at that time.

The boat ride saw me pacing up and down the small craft continuously. I could not stop moving. It was not making the boat go any faster but when I tried to sit and relax it was impossible.

The trip to the island took just under an hour. It seemed longer than the seven I had already travelled to get to Dawnstar.

Everybody scramble off the boat and I told Jonte to keep an eye out for our return. He told me he is retiring after this so could we please hurry. I felt like putting my fist through his face but decided to add that anger to what was already building inside.

The beast and I are going to slaughter every single piece of shit in that fort.

As soon as Yngol and Cassius were ready we started to walk around the circular bay till we spotted the fortress.

A few seconds was all I need to reconnoitre the place.

I spent a few seconds throwing fireball after fireball to decrease the number we would have to hack through and save us some time. Then we charged like we numbered three thousand strong, not three. A few Shouts that knocked defenders off the walls to their death told them who was coming. I had to keep telling the beast it was not time. Wait till we are inside.

The battle outside was brief. Their numbers already decimated and the fear of a Dragonborn in full voice made the remaining defenders timid and unsure. We three killed them with an efficiency that matched our urgency.

Barely had the last fallen before we gathered in from of the entrance and barged in to wreak death and misery on those who dared to hurt Rigmor.

I let the beast loose, Yngol was the berserker of old and Casius a professional Imperial soldier with not a single wasted sword swing or bash of his shield. We literally made our way through the defenders almost as fast as we could run. The only thing faster was the terror that spread to every soldier between us and the sacrificial chamber. They knew they were about to die. Some didn’t even put up a fight.

We burst into the chamber and saw row upon row of acolytes. At the far end Rigmor was lying on the sacrificial dais in the dress I had brought her at Riften. Around her were some priests dressed in finery as if they were of some importance.

There was no longer the beast and I. It was the beast that used the “Whirlwind Sprint” Shout and got to the dais before a single acolyte shouted alarm. It was the beast that slaughtered the priests with devastating blow after devastating blow.

It was the beast who leaped into the affray with the acolytes and cut them down like a scythe through wheat. It was the beast who almost turned on Casius when he touched me on the shoulder and told me it was over. It was the beast who surveyed the carnage and grinned. It was the beast who retreated and let me take over when he saw Rigmor lying there.

I called her name and ran. I looked at her lying there pale and unmoving and was scared. Were we too late? No, the sacrificial goblets were empty. The scene I saw when Boethia probed my brain was not before me.

I knelt near her head and leaned over. I could hear her breathing and cried out in relief.

“She is alive!”

Both Casius and Yngol looked on as I kissed her on the forehead twice. I told her one was from Sorella. I told her the other was from the fool who has taken too long to say those three words. Then I said them and it felt right and perfect and about bloody time!

I love you!

I did not know if she heard me or not. That was not important. Finally getting to say them in her presence was.

If either man heard it they did not react. I asked them to get her out of this hellhole and to the farm. That she had a mother waiting for her daughter.

Then I faced the portal to Oblivion and stepped through.

I did not know what I would be facing. I knew from the accounts of The Oblivion Crises that lightening and fire were the main weapons of the weaker minions. My armour could absorb a lot and I had a good stock of healing potions. I did not think I would get time to cast healing spells.

Thus I entered the first half of my most desperate fight for survival.

My weapons of choice were the “Ice Spear” spell and “Unrelenting Force” Shout. Every creature in this domain was a construct of fire and ash. Fireballs would have been useless. Lightening spells no good against creatures who natively cast them. Ice Spears would deliver damage far higher to them than on natural creatures of blood and bone.

I started my slow advance towards the Altar of Trinimac.

My tactics were simple. Dodge and weave as many incoming lightning bolts and fireballs as I can. Fire ice spears as quick as I could. Use Thu’um when facing a cluster of minions. Use health potions before my health got critical. It is sometime too late when it reaches critical.

They attacked from all sides. Dodging and weaving saved me being hit by the majority of attacks but enough of them slammed into me that the damage approached critical on several occasions. A couple of times I accepted extra hits whilst I downed a health potion. It was not like I could put my hand up and ask them to hold up for a second.

Finally there was one imp left between me and the door to the altar. I despatched him and entered.

Thus I entered the second half of my most desperate fight for survival.

This was going to be one long melee up winding stairways till I reached the Sigil Stone.

I used Azura’s Blade for this fight. I guessed the Daedric dweomer in it would allow the sword to cut through Dremora like a hot knife through butter.

This was a brawl. No tactics. Just wave after wave of assorted Imps and Dremora. I was in charge. This was not the time for the reckless methods of the beast. It was a matter of defence until an opening then swift attack. It was brutal and the noises of metal on metal and flesh and the pitiful screams of the imps had a backdrop of Malecanth cursing, insulting and threatening me. He sounded more and more desperate as I inched my way to destroy his gateway to Nirn.

I saw my objective and continued towards it when Malacath yelled “Cease!” The attacks stopped and quiet descended.

Malacath wanted to parley.

His insults had just been a deep voice echoing around the altar.

I was braced for some horrible sensations in my head. Instead I just had the same baritone voice talking with less venom and more of a conciliatory tone.

“My sister chose well. You have proved worthy of my respect mortal.”

“Before you strike the stone with Azura’s Bane. Sheath your sword and listen to the words of Malacath.”

I put away the sword and was instantly transported to a garden in the ruins of an ancient temple. Sitting on the remains of a stone throne was Malacath.

“The rightful God King of all Tamriel reborn from the ashes. From the devoured remains of a vengeful witch. A spurned monster cast into the far reaches of the void. The living abomination of spite itself. Would you now cast me down and thwart my rightful destiny”

Your destiny comes at too high a price.

“Is the life of a mortal girl so greater a thing to cherish than the restoration of Tamriel?”

(This is by far the dumbest immortal I have spoken to. For a start it is not “a” mortal girl. It is Rigmor, daughter of Sigunn, loved by many and beloved of the mortal he is parleying with. It is not the life of a single being. It is the life of every being on Tamriel! No use mentioning love to this idiot. He would have no idea of the concept.)

I made a promise. It cannot be broken.

“Strike the stone and a Millennia will be undone by your hand.”

She will never be safe until this is over.

“Know this. There will be another time. Another Millennia. Another sacrifice. If not now then tomorrow. The invasion is about to begin. Nothing can stop it now.”

Let them come!

“Hold your sword and you can live as a king with your Nordling bride. My promise to you will be along life and glorious old age and many many children and their children’s children. I give you my word.”

I was back facing the Vigil Stone with an array of his guards between me and it.

I moved forward. Malacath ordered them to stop me.

I simply Shouted them out of the way, casually walked up to the Sigil Stone and hit it as hard as I could with Azura’s Bane.

 Sigil Stone and sword exploded.

I was back in the sacrificial chamber.

I checked myself over. Nothing broken and still had all my limbs.

I expected as much. During the Oblivion Crises many a Sigil Stone was destroyed and the hero teleported outside of Oblivion.

I walked further into the chamber and looked back. The Oblivion Gate was a crumbling wreck. Damn, I was going to use that place for a summer vacation!

So that is two tasks completed for The Divines. Do I get any sign they are pleased? Any indication I have actually finished the task? “Thank You Dragonborn” written in the sky with stars? No?

Every person who I meet from now on owes their very existence to me. That is a pretty good reward because I like people. Mostly…

From this point on everything I do to stop the New Order is not for The Divines or by their order. It is for my beloved Rigmor. It is for the normal people who just want peace. The Stable Masters of this world.

I left that evil place and headed for the docks. It looks like they commandeered one of the better boats and left me the whale faeces. It should make it back to Skyrim. Maybe.

It was about 2:00PM when I boarded, carefully, the boat and set course for home. I judged that I should get to the farm well before midnight.

I had no idea how Rigmor would be. What evil magic they used upon her. Time to find out.

I arrived in Dawnstar just over an hour later. I summoned Blaze which this time not only caused “oohs” and “ahhs” but also a few “That is the Dragonborn that is!”

I no longer or needed my survival and whereabouts to be secret. I want the New Order to know who destroyed their Oblivion Gate and stood up to their God.

I want them to fear Rigmor and I as the unstoppable force of vengeance we are.

I want them to know they have failed and now death will be their only reward.

I decided to head for the farm via Whiterun. I stuck to the roads and spent the time mulling over what I had learned and what new questions had arose.

I arrived at the farm just after 7:00PM.

Lydia approached and told me two soldiers came with a wagon. They had lifted Rigmor from the wagon and carried her inside. A little while later they left. Lydia did not want to intrude so that is all she knows. I thanked her and gave Meeko a quick scratch on his head then headed for the farmhouse.

Sigunn greeted me when I entered. Sitting at the table was Baa’Ren-Dar and Angi.

I asked how Rigmor was. Sigunn said she did not remember a thing. She was asleep and Sorella was with her. Sigunn said we needed to talk. I visited Rigmor first.

I greeted Sorella and asked what she was doing. She told me she was taking care of Rigmor. I thanked her and told her to make sure she takes good care of her. I got a Sorella OK which is a “Hmmm!”.

I knelt next to Rigmor and just watched her breath. Eventually I bowed my head and silently wept.  Sorella watched with a wisdom and understanding well beyond her years. I cleared the tears and left the room to talk to others who love her.

I sat down and turned to Sigunn. I asked if Rigmor has spoken about what happened.

Sigunn told me they put Rigmor to bed immediately after she arrived. She had not regained consciousness on the boat or carriage. After a while she awoke in a panic and was confused. When asked Rigmor said she did not remember a thing.

Baa’Ren-Dar said Yngol and Casius returned to their units to prepare for the invasion. He then asked what happened on the island.

I told him that after rescuing Rigmor and her being taken from the temple to come here I needed to destroy the Oblivion Gate.  That the Entity was Malacath and Rigmor was to be sacrificed so he could enter Nirn reborn as the living God King Trinimac.

Baa’Ran-Dar wanted to know how I destroyed the Oblivion Gate.

I told him how I entered Oblivion, fought my way to the Sigil Stone tower, fought my way to the top, spoke to Malacath, rejected his bribes and hit the Sigil Stone with Azura’s Bane. I told him that destroyed the sword, the Sigil Stone and the Oblivion Gate.

Baar’Ran-Dar stated a new portal could be built. That we needed to defeat the New Order here in Skyrim. He would leave tomorrow to inform people in Cyrodiil so preparations can be made.

I asked Sigunn if exhaustion might be the reason for her memory loss.

Sigunn then suggested it is too early to tell and that we can talk to her after she has rested.

Just then Rigmor stormed into the room asking if we are all talking about her behind her back. I tried to reason with her and told her we were concerned. When Baa’Ren-Dar told her I was her Guardian and had gone to great lengths to bring her home she turned on me. She said she sees no guardian. That the farm is not her home and just part of the nightmare. That she does not even know me and to stay out of her face. She then went storming back into the room and threw herself on the bed.

After a bit of awkward silence Sigunn suggested I must be exhausted and should get some sleep.

I spent several hours writing the last three journal entries.

I was not upset at Rigmor’s outburst. I was just concerned about her memory loss.

I looked at the bed I could sleep in if I wanted.

How long since I slept in a bed I wondered?

Not tonight though.

I quietly walked into Rigmor and Sorella’s room and thought them both asleep.

I made myself comfortable on the chair between them and closed my eyes.

I heard a stifled giggle and turned to see Sorella sitting up with her hand over her mouth. I whispered and asked what is so funny. She whispered back she bet Angi a day’s worth of chores that I would sleep in the chair. I asked her if she had the ring on. She showed me and I wished her goodnight.

Sorella snuggled back down and was soon asleep.

I looked at Rigmor and knew she had more to face before this nightmare was over.

I do not know what time I fell asleep. I do know a man I recognised as Talos did thank me and said he was proud. Stupid dream.

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  1. What can I say, you killed it! Awesome! You captured all the turmoil that the Dragonborn felt each step of his journey. Reading it like it was me experiencing that same thing. Thank You

    One little thing I would suggest is not about the story or Diary, it is the way you label each entry.
    You label them by the date entered. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes, I don’t remember that last one I read. So maybe add the number of the entry at the end (i.e.: MIDDAS, 10TH HEARTFIRE, 4E 201 (15th entry)) or something like that. Just my two cents.

    Thanks again for another Fantastic day in the life of the Dragonborn and Rigmor!!

    1. Thanks. The entries are displayed in the order of creation with “real” date shown in the left hand column. That should be enough to know where you are up to. There should only be 20 entries per page so that helps as well. I will have a look and see if there is a “Read” and “Unread” option I can add but WordPress tends to be a bit simple in many areas.

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