Middas, 03 Evening Star, 4E 201

Skyrim Wilderness, Peryite’s shrine: Thalmor assassins, New teacher, Task refused.

Early on in my travels, well before I met Rigmor, I encountered an ill looking Breton male. His skin was red like he had been sunburnt. His eyes were sunken and he walked with an awkward gate. As he got closer he noticed me staring and said,

“Are you finished ogling the grotesque? I suppose I should be grateful you didn’t simply attack me.”

Your skin! Are you ill?

“I am one of the Afflicted. I’d have been dead from this plague a year ago if not for Peryite’s protection.”

Where are you going? Shouldn’t you seek help at a temple?

“Returning to High Rock. Our shepherd lost his way, and I fear Peryite’s wrath may consume those who remain with him.”

Is there somebody who can tell me more about this plague?

“Kesh could tell you more. I just want out of Skyrim as quickly as possible.”

He then marked where Kesh and Peryite’s shrine could be found.

If the plague was any danger to Skyrim or Nirn I am sure The Divines would have sent me to have a look by now.

I have decided to look on my own accord simply because it is quiet at the moment and curiosity has got me.

Kharjo and Iona are coming with me today.

We left Dragons Keep at exactly 7:00AM.

We were about an hour into the trip when ambushed by a Thalmor patrol. Not since the New Order had been active have they openly attacked me first.

We easily took care of them and I searched the Justiciar.

He had a note that read,

“Be on the lookout for a Nord called Wulf. He is an enemy to the Thalmor and has actively disrupted our activities and caused great harm. If spotted you are to destroy him with extreme hatred.

Be advised, he is extremely dangerous and quite able to defend himself. If caught by local authorities we are unable to offer you any assistance.

For the glory of the Aldmeri Dominion!”

They can no longer hire the Dark Brotherhood thanks to me wiping them out. So now they have to use their own assassins.

I showed the note to Iona and Kharjo and told them it gives me the legal right to kill any Thalmor patrol I see. They have illegally declared war on a citizen of the Empire.

A bit further on we stumbled into a Stormcloak patrol. They were getting fewer in number but still threw their lives away for no logical reason.

I dismounted Meatloaf and used a “Cyclone” Shout.

It tossed them high into the air and if not killed by the fall they were easy prey as they slowly got to their feet. I can imagine that in a corridor or something similar they would be smashed against the roof and walls and not many would get up again.

We came across a Noble Lady being attacked by a Forsworn.

I killed the Forsworn and healed her.

He name was Veralene and she had heard of Dragons Keep. She was on her way there to offer her services as a teacher of languages. I asked her why she did not have an escort and told her she was still many hours from the school. She then showed me several invisibility potions she was carrying. Normally she had time to take one and avoid confrontation. I told Iona to escort her to the school. Kharjo and I proceeded onwards.

We came to Peryite’s shrine which was basically a large cauldron. A Khajiit was there and as I approached he said,

“Ah, a wanderer, yes? No? Pilgrim perhaps? You have come to commune with Peryite, Taskmaster and blighted Lord, yes?”

You are Kesh I assume. Tell me about Peryite.

“Yes, I am Kesh. Peryite is the pus in the wound. Oh, proper ones curl their noses, but it’s pus that drinks foul humours and restores the blood. I worship Peryite, yes, because sometimes the world can only be cleansed by disease.”

Can I talk to Peryite?

“Not everyone has the stomach required to entreat my lord. But Kesh likes you. There is a way Peryite may speak to us who will take Him in. If you wish to commune with Him, we’ll need the incense.”

I believe I have the ingredients here. A deathbell flower, a flawless ruby, some vampire dust and a silver ingot. Is that correct?

“Yes, let Kesh have them.”

(He then examined the items.)

“Yes, yes. This will create a fine fume.”

(Kesh then walked over to the cauldron and dropped the items in.)

There was no flame to heat to melt them so I was surprised when a green liquid appeared and filled the cauldron to the brim. Kesh stirred the liquid then said,)

“That should do. Now you must inhale the fumes deeply!”

 I approached the cauldron, bent over it and inhaled the green fumes emanating from it.

There was a brief flash of light then Peryite spoke to me. Surprisingly he was the least disturbing Daedra that I have talked with. No tentacles or oil or any other horrid sensation in my head.

“Breathe deep, mortal. I would have you hear me well, so let these vapours fill your lungs.”

I am here to find out about the Afflicted.

(I looked up and the Aspect he chose to use was two Skeever. He sometimes appears as a green dragon.)

“I have watched you for some time, you know. The decisions you’ve made intrigue me, and I wonder if you are a proper agent for a task of mine.”

Tell me the task and we can both decide.

“I sent a blessing to Mundus, a wasting plague that infected a scattering of Breton villages. One of my monks, the elf Orchendor, was sent to gather these Afflicted. He shepherded them into Bthardamz for me, but has since lost his way. I will not stand for betrayal. I want you to go to Bthardamz and Kill Orchendor, in my name.”

Why does Orchendor deserve to die?

“An impertinent question. That elf must die. Either carry out my will or do not. You are not the only mortal agent I could choose.”

Good luck with finding another then. I am not interested in doing murder for a demon such as you. I refused Hermaeus Mora and I refuse you. Your will means nothing to me. I serve The Divines. Like all the Daedric Princes you have no power over us mortals unless we choose to believe it so.

With that Peryite’s aspects vanished. I told Kharjo there was nothing for us to do and we headed back to Dragons Keep.

We got back not long after Iona and Veralene.

Later the evening I interviewed Veralene. She was a member of a successful trading family that were entirely wiped out, except for her, at Helgen. She was well travelled and could speak several languages including Tsaesci. I hired her as both a teacher of languages and commerce of which Kharjo was also a teacher.

Today was not wasted. I found what the Afflicted were and decided helping Peryite with his problem was not of interest.

The most important thing I discovered today was the Thalmor assassins travelling Skyrim looking for me. Woe be to any who do find me.

I retired just before midnight after writing this journal entry.

I know not what time I fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “Middas, 03 Evening Star, 4E 201

  1. Fascinating. This is the first time I actively realized you must be using Interesting NPCs. I almost thought so earlier through the one or other occurrence, but Veralene Ashwood always remained in my memory because of how arrogant she seemed. And yet, she’s marriable. Kind of drole, if you ask me.

    Although I do love Interesting NPCs, it always seemed to me that many of the quests require an inordinate amount of prerequisites to be fulfilled before you can trigger them. Makes it pretty complicated and therefore also time consuming.

    One of my favorite characters from Interesting NPCs is Rinori Imaryn, not because she has such a huge role, but because of her personal plight. But even in her case it takes a lot of work to get her cured of vampirism.

    That said, once again, thank you for your blog!

    1. Most Interesting NPCs have an arrogance that not so much irritates Wulf but makes his creator’s skin crawl. There is some pretty dodgy lore here and there in some of the quests as well. But I have always installed the mod because they do add some more flavour to the game. I always take on the young girl in Riften as my apprentice Bard.

  2. Yes, lore tends to get a bit messed up here and there in many quest mods, especially if the scale of the mod is larger. Kudos to you for staying on track. Regarding the young girl in Riften, do you mean Olette or Caylene? I know Olette is adoptable, but I’ve never done it myself.

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