WULF IN 4E 201

Wulf spent the rest of 4E 201 saving Nirn from destruction or its inhabitants from enslavement.

Only his defeat of Alduin was publicly known.

Within this section of his journals, the Divine Tasks are detailed in Wulf’s own words, and without them, much of this history would be conjecture and myth.

Wulf tried to remain as anonymous as possible and to do so took on many personas.

Wulf’s power in the Thu’um continued to grow, and some Shouts were far more deadly than Storm Call.

A core of companions journeyed with him, but sometimes Wulf was required to travel the most treacherous paths and combat the deadliest foes by himself.

Rigmor and Wulf met many times and completed some of the less dangerous Divine Tasks together. Like Wulf, Rigmor became adept at being somebody else. Most thought Wulf had several lovers. Only his closest associates in Skyrim knew it was Rigmor each time.

By the end of 4E 201, Wulf was far more potent than when Rigmor crossed into Cyrodiil.

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist, Nirn College of History.

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    1. Their relationship is far more involved than the old Rigmor in Bruma allowed. You actaully have the option to recall Rigmor if you wish within the mod. Wulf has to be sensible. Rigmor can’t be put in too much danger or go on long trips. But she can certainly help with smaller tasks that are relatively safe.

  1. That sounds like that’s it until RoC reboot is out. I probably don’t blame you, it would taken a lot of time to bring these journals to us and I’m sure I can speak for us readers by saying we bloody well appreciated your work even you did kick us in the guts a lot of the times. Have a spell, a beer, wine and a rest, you deserve it. Until next time all when will be revealed. Thank you Mark.

    1. “All will be revealed Dragonborn, all will be revealed” Tendril Sethri, Fredas, 3rd Sun’s Dawn 4E 205
      “How come my gut churns whenever I hear those words” Dragonborn, Fredas, 3rd Sun’s Dawn 4E 205 Ill never forget those words and hiw many times he said them.

  2. I concur with Ian have a beer and a goid rest were still not ready for whats to come and our guts are still wrenched from yesterday. Also i knew about the little recall thing and I have been using it while preparing just so i can hear the familiar voice “Talos wills it” swinging a bastard sword throigh a bunch of bandits(she also somehow acommpanied me to sovanguard which was weird).

  3. You can only recall her once, when dismissed the spell is removed, doesn’t even appear back into the chest near the hot springs. Bugger.

    1. I never lost the recall nite but did notice after testing that tellig her to go home would not allow you to follow you again but i was able to keep the note for some reason so i reverted back to an older save(quicksave before the test) amd just kept her as a regular follower.

  4. Oh good, my fears were unfounded, I thought this was it for a few months. I am playing just behind Wulf this time around so I wont dismiss our Rigmor this time, I will follow your suggestion Mark, let (my) Rigmor relax at an inn, probable the Bannered Mare. I’m like a kid in a lolly shop, fair dinkum

  5. James, Lydia followed me to Sovanguard to help me , Serana was also a follower at the time but she didn’t follow me there, I agree, weird. I had already lost Rigmor on that playthrough.

  6. Just so you know, the RoC reboot will incorporate the Dragonchild add on. It will be a single download. The major changes will be in the pregnancy and Red Diamond areas. There will be many ways to have Kintyra.

  7. Dont get me wrong i love Rigmor to death but to me i like seeing more about Wulf on his own sometimes as it is the journal of Wulf Champion of the Divine so i am super stoked about seeing what you have in store for us and keep you a fabulous work

  8. Like I said, a 73 year old kid in a lolly shop.Three years and 140 days of quests to do. Am so looking forward to this because of the lead up to the RoC reboot.

  9. We ll, I just finished reading our journals again, from the beginning, Mark was still kicking me in the guts, had me laughing out loud again, he does a good job. I enjoyed reading them again. I wish I could play Rigmor the way Wulf does.

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