The game has become unstable again.

Therefore, I have decided to start from scratch with most mods I use discarded.

Wulf will no longer be a human but a Khajiit. This will make the new journals very different as he will not be a dedicated Nine Divines follower but he will be guided by Azura and Mara.

Most dialog will be in third person.

He will not be starting in Helgen.

Until they update the mods I use for screen archery, the captures will be simple poses.

It is about time they had a Khajiit emperor! I hope you all still follow the journal as it will be fun!


  1. hmm a khajiit emperor i like the sound of that but i also did love this version of Wulf but who knows this khajiit version of Wulf will be very interesting as it would bring in a whole new race dynamic and how people view Wulf specially since it will be Skyrim and well they aren’t treated the best there

  2. I can only assume you’re joking regarding Wulf being a Khajiit. πŸ™‚ But I hope you get your system stabilized soon.

    1. I really wanted him to be Khajiit but then it doesn’t fit with the Rigmor mods. I think the Khajiit will have to wait for a non-Rigmor journal. So now I am looking to make him a bit different than normal Imperial or Nord.

    1. With which mode you add the different imperial races?
      I will follow your journal, of course

  3. I think whatever you do, would be amazing to start over. Since I can’t use Rigmor, and inspired by your idea, I started a khajiit hunter gameplay with Inigo as follower. I will long for your gameplay anyway.
    See you

  4. I have never heard of the Ningheim. I will check them out. And this is just after I was saying how stable our games were, wasn’t long ago when your game crashed because of save bloat. To me it probably doesn’t matter what race Wulf is, it’s your writting style and how involved Wulf with his companions and surroundings is what I enjoy so much. Bring on the new Wulf, looking forward to it.

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