Wulf Septim, the fifty-second Emperor of Tamriel, husband of Rigmor Ragnarsdottier, The High Queen of Tamriel, and father to Empress Kintyra Septim the First, was a complex figure. His love for Rigmor was all-consuming and celebrated in countless bardic stories, poems and songs. Their love was not the only influence that shaped the man who would be pivotal in Nirn’s history, but it was undoubtedly the most powerful!

The Divines chose Wulf to be one of their mortal champions. Such people are needed on Nirn, where neither Aedra nor Daedra can physically manifest due to The Liminal Barrier. The barrier was initially maintained via The Dragonfires but later created in permanence by Emperor Martin Septim’s sacrifice.

Not only could Wulf travel on Nirn, but he could also travel to other planes, including the many realms of Oblivion. There have been numerous mortal champions. Some are well known, whilst others did their duty in complete secrecy or anonymity.

Wulf carried many blessings of The Nine. One, from Lord Akatosh, made him Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul and blood of a Dovah, a dragon. Like all Dragonborn before him, his duty was to aid the mortals of Nirn, no matter their species, religion or other factors.

The Divines used Wulf to resolve issues they deemed a threat to Nirn or themselves. It is essential for any scholar trying to understand Wulf to realise he was never coerced into being Champion of The Divines. He was asked and agreed to accept the tasks and roles given at all stages.

Wulf aided Daedric Lords but on his terms. He never once accepted command from any of them. He was the greatest mortal enemy to many of them.

An endless pursuit of knowledge consumed much of Wulf’s time. As a young boy, his curiosity and ability to rapidly learn was often a topic of conversation amongst the dwellers of Aetherius. After he came of age and accepted his role, he spent four years on Akavir being trained by The Dragonguard and Psijic Order. By the time he arrived in Skyrim in 4E 201, Wulf was formidable in all Schools of Magicka, and with most weapons, melee and ranged. He could read and write many languages fluently.

Wulf and The Divines were unsure of his power in The Thu’um, The Voice. For he could never use it as that would prematurely inform The Greybeards of his existence. Knowing he had untapped power gifted by Lady Kynareth and Lord Akatosh proved to be a test of Wulf’s patience as his curiosity grew. Many times during Wulf’s life, his sudden appearance was a formidable weapon against unprepared foes.

Wulf arrived in Skyrim at the request of The Divines. They are not omnipotent, no gods are, but they know with some certainty where and when something requiring Wulf’s attention is to occur. It was up to Wulf to figure out the problem and a solution.

These volumes consist of chosen passages from his journals. A select group of very learned and well-credentialed individuals of all races and continents have collectively decided what readings are essential in understanding Wulf as an individual and the decisions he made.

These journal entries must be read in context. When each journal entry is written needs to be understood in terms of Wulf’s knowledge and experience at that point in his life. To not recognise their context diminishes their value as a learning tool greatly.

Some of Wulf’s naivety, ignorance and wrongful conclusions may seem incredulous to you and make you wrongfully question the intellect of this great man. It is always easier to appear wise after others have found the truth for you. It is easy to look like a fool when pursuing a truth not yet discovered.

A complete set of Wulf’s journals can be found in the appropriately named volumes, “The Complete Journals of Wulf.”

An annotated set of Wulf’s journals can be found in the equally appropriately named volumes, “The Annotated Journals of Wulf.”

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist, Nirn College of History.

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      1. I was always speaking about Wulf…you wrote the diaries and finished already two times, right? O.o

  1. Yes, the first set of journals are pretty poor grammatically but good content. The second journals were and improvement but I didn’t like the direction it was going. So, third time around will be a bit different with Wulf knowing who and what he is long before meeting Rigmor or Alduin appearing.

    1. I started again the first with Rigmor. I really love Lydia and our friend Inigo.
      I am waiting for your new one. Don’t ever think, I’s confuse Wulf with Titus Mede 😉
      He won the throne fighting, Wulf did his best to avoid and the second time he succeeded. So, you chose the race finally?

  2. Just like you learn as you go, we learn as well. I like the teacher! Looking forward to what comes next. Thank You Mark

  3. I am really interested in this next set of journals even though at first I thought you were being serious about having a khajiit Wulf and I do think that would be awesome but the ningheim race I know absolutely nothing about so it’s going to be a lot of fun learning about this race for the first time is it actually a race in the lore or is more just made up lore for the race that fits in with the game

    1. The Nede had many tribes of which only four or five are well known in the histories. The creator of The Ningheim mod says they are Nede but not of a single tribe. In other words, a Nede is selected and blessed making them Ningheim. Like Dragonborn, the blessing does not make them automatically of good morals and keen to help others. They can go astray. Since the Nede race was absorbed into the other races of Man thousands of years ago, Imperial facial features are a result of strong Nede bloodlines, Wulf would be a rarity and probably the first thus blessed in thousands of years. He is more than likely the first and only Ningheim also blessed by Lord Akatosh and made Dragonborn. And don’t listen to that rubbish that Ysgrammor was a Nede. He was Atmoran. I think the mod author used a variation of the word Niflheim, which is the Nordic heaven, like Sovngarde. So Ningheim are literally heavenly beings.

      1. I am not sure about the canonity of the race but you are a sure bet all the way so who cares?
        I am looking forward for your Journals, most of all if you are re-inventing all the approach.
        I am looking forward to live again the Inigo quest with you, what you’ll think about Lydia and, if you are doing it again, as well all the Sentinels stories around and after the Dragonborn museum.
        You really aced at that for me. The Sentinels family
        What is else Wulf is not our captain and family leader?
        Thanks again, man.

  4. I have started reading Rigmor of Skyrim again while waiting for the next journal entry. I checked out the Ningheim race and they are certainly unique. This new story is going to be a cracker to read, sooo looking forward to them, thank you Mark for creating this for us.

    1. I have been trying different mod configurations and making sure the final one is stable. That has taken a LOT of testing. I am happy now and the next journal entry should be up soon.

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