Skyrim Rebuild

Skyrim always becomes unstable after thousands of saves.

Therefore, I have no choice but to rebuild my Skyrim install. That also means I will have to play through the game to reach where I was.

I was going to do this before testing the new version of Rigmor of Cyrodiil. Therefore, this rebuild is a few weeks earlier than planned. So, be patient. I should be making new journal entries within a week, I hope!

16 thoughts on “Skyrim Rebuild

  1. Well I thirded what Neshotah said. Mark are you going to down one of those auto install collections like Peter did? If, prpbably should say when, mine shits itself I was thinking of doing that. When you say yours was corupted because of housands of saves, is it because of the number of saves or the size?

    1. Instabilities creep in over time, even if you don’t change your mods. I am simply converting my build into AE compatible versions. I never used AE natively as some programs I use all the time, mainly screen capture stuff, wasn’t updated. Now everything I use has AE versions.

  2. I was going to ask if deleting most of the older saves would help by reducing the number of saves but no it wouldn’t. Didn’t you use “The Best of Both Worlds” for your now old build? No good or total AE is better? Sorry about all the questions but I was curious about what you do bec a use you know shitloads more than me. Thanks Mark looking forward to your next heap of journals.

    1. I was using Best of Both Worlds until everything I use was AE compatible. Now everything is so all had to do was swap over to AE versions of some mods. The japanese child mod I was using was a bit flaky so the children might look a bit different now and there will be more potatoe heads in the world.

  3. It would also help to delete your old files and any cache data as well as disable any mods that have no significant value at the moment.

  4. The last time you had to rebuild the game it was from SE to SE and I think it was because of the number of saves with corruption setting in. How can you stop this from happening? I reckon your play through will be a speed run to catch up to where you were. Out of curiosity, how many hours does Steam record you playing this game? Many thousands I would guess. Don’t rush, we will wait. Pfft, yeah right.

    1. 4600 hours since I installed SE. There is no way to prevent the eventual corruption. I use programs to take care of stray scripts and so on but eventually weird things will happen. I was over 4000 saves in the nine months since my last rebuild. I am whizzing through the game at the moment and everything is stable.I decided that The Dragonguard should have individual looks rather than appear like a sea of clones. They are all wearing Asian inspired armours of various designs.

  5. 4600 hours, shit, I thought my 3700 was a lot, and over 4000 saves, that would take up a lot of space. Going back to SSE and not AE. I am thinking of doing that at the next rebuild. Mods are available for most of what AE comes with anyway and as far as I’m concerned SSE is very stable.

    1. There is zero advantage to running AE code. I thought I would try an AE build to see if it could be done. One AE update ago the answer is yes. But it takes too long after a code update for all the mods to catch up. So SE is the way to go.

  6. Yeah, I’m sick of these bloody updates in AE burning some mods so I have deleted everything starting from scratch. Had to turn off auto updates in Steam and also prevent the AE dlc updating SE. The game version installed from Steam is 1.6.63 which is AE but it is not installed, dunno. I’ll download and installed the essential mods and see what happens. How are you going with your run through?

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