The Skyrim rebuild is taking longer than expected.

My current modlist is introducing problems that will cause instability in the future. Therefore, I am starting from scratch! I am abandoning what I have always used and exploring popular alternatives.

This change of modlist means a longer delay in new journal entries. But I don’t want to have to do this all over again in a few months. So…I will invest the time now.

Believe me when I say I prefer writing about Rigmor to installing mods!

13 thoughts on “The Skyrim rebuild is taking longer than expected.

  1. Hey! I’m in the same boat. Been working on my load order for 2 weeks and still banging my head on my desk lol.

  2. I hear ya, Trying to find mods that work together can be so much work. Take your time. We feel your pain. Thank You Mark

  3. Well the Legacy and those that work with it are working in sync. The Rigmor mods work, but have both unofficial patches and the anniversary. Just the Beyond Skyrim mods have a tendency to bug and crash with the legacy. Also the Companions we don’t know the origins.

  4. Ever since this anniversary edition come out the game has been buggy. I made the mistake of buying it, wished I hadn’t.

  5. I certainly understand, since I have over a thousand mods in my newest build again (which I just created last week). BTW, I’m using the new DynDOLOD 3.0 version with grass cache, and I’m very happy with the result. It’s so great not having the grass pop in all the time. Now I can see grass all the way from one mountain to the next, and even from the top of a mountain down into the valley!

    After a few more tests, I’ll probably throw a few things out that are causing too many tears in the landscape, like the Half-Moon Creek or Riverwood Forest mods. If the mod authors would do them correctly, it would really add to the landscape, but I’m having too many issues with them.

    Anyway, please take your time, Mark. Quality is always better than quantity. 🙂 And thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into this!

    1. It is kind of refreshing discarding mods you have used for years and trying something different. Terrain tearing is a plague that only gets worse as mod authors try and cram things into prime real estate.

  6. I started from scratch again a while ago and slowly building the load order and I’ll be …… Silverpeak Lodge is working.
    It will be interesting to see what you have loaded up. Bloody hell, Peter has quite a few mods.

    1. It’s interesting, but Silverpeak is working for me, too. I filled it with about 20 children for a mod I’m working on, and I had no lag whatsoever. BTW, heard Dragons Keep and Stonehall Orphanage were both updated a couple of months ago, so I’ll be trying those out, too. With the Fertility Mode Tweaks and my TKAA patch for FM+, I’m going to have a LOT of orphans to take care of. LOL

      1. Changing to Nemesis fixed the lag in Silverpeak. I always have about 50 NPCs in Silverpeak with no issues before my last build. I like your Barenziah mod. Ri’Saad would be who Wulf asked about the gems before anybody else so it fits in to my play through perfectly. I also used your Vampire mod and Alva looked wonderful just before I cut her head off.
        Version 3 of Dragons Keep is a far cleaner build than previous. The orphanage programs by Saiska need to keep track of how many children you send to live in them.

      2. Ah, too bad I don’t have my Alva mod done yet. You could have saved her. 😉 I want to finish Babette first, then I’ll do Alva, then Marisa, and finally Dufa, in the order of increasing difficulty. Actually, Babette is more difficult than Alva, so I don’t know why I’m finishing her first. Right now, I’m creating the idle dialog for the grown Babette, so she has commentary on various locations and situations. I’d probably also need to create some kind of romance scenario where the player asks her to marry them. But I’m afraid it all takes a lot of time.

        I didn’t know you could use RS and TKAA together. I mainly used TKAA instead of RS because I didn’t constantly want to have naked kids running around, but I’m afraid that’s over, now, too. And I definitely like RS’s Babette better. But I like mine more. She has more spunk. LOL

      3. Oh, I am also running RS Children and TKAA at the same time. I much prefee TKAA but Trip hasn’t kept up with the patches and there are many major mods that RS Children has patches for.

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