The new build is complete!

In over sixty hours of play, I have had one crash that was easily traced and rectified.

There is no rubbish being left behind in the saved games, so I won’t have to do this again in nine months.

The biggest problem with the old build was script lag. Even though I have a very powerful computer and optimised the system files, it was too much for some mods to deal with.

The advances of the last few months with Base Object Swapper, Nemesis, Dynamic Animation Replacer, Spell Perk Item Distributor and Keyword Item Distributor have been astounding. Complex distribution lists are a thing of the past. Some of my favourite mods are now redundant, as the ones that use these modern tools are far superior and reduce conflict.

The children are now a combination of RS Children and TKAA, so some will look slightly different.

I have abandoned Palaces and Castles Enhanced, and other mods, for the JK series.

I have l almost caught up to where I was. The next part of Serana’s story should be up by the end of the week. I will endeavour to move along as fast as possible before testing the update to Rigmor of Cyrodiil.

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to get this right, which has involved a lot of experimenting with the newer mods.

P.S. You will also notice everybody had a unique look armour-wise. They all complained about looking like clones.

9 thoughts on “The new build is complete!

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re done with the new build and you’re happy with the result. I’m looking forward to catching up. 🙂

    Regarding “For the Love of Babette,” I’m working on a video series that captures the essence of the mod and demonstrates what an amazing job xVASynth does with generating custom dialog for the characters. I’ve also changed Babette’s dialog a bit to include your thoughts. Here’s a link to the playlist. I’ll keep adding videos until the mod walkthrough is completed. Then I might put up an alpha version on the Nexus.

    1. I can’t remember the end-boss having wings….
      Anyway, a lot of people who want to destroy the Dark Brotherhood use the Penitus Oculatus mod. That means the Dawnstar Sanctuary has already been converted to a Penitus Oculatus outpost plus you were told where to find and kill Babette. I am sure you could make some sort of synchronicity between the two.

      1. Yes, the Guardian has always had wings. Couldn’t envision him otherwise. 🙂

        Regarding the Penitus Oculatus mod, fist I need to release the base version of “For the Love of Babette” on Nexus. Then I can start thinking of creating patches for other mods. But I’ll definitely take a look at it. Sounds interesting/

    1. It was a ground up rebuild. There are no old cache files. The one crash I had was a mod that did not take into account things being in different places in the aftermath of the Civil War. The mod was perfectly okay until damage was done to the city. I had one other crash to do with the physics engine being a bit dodgy.

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