Starting from the beginning…again…

When writing for pleasure becomes a chore, something has to change. I have to write around parts of the Rigmor plots I find redundant. It makes my narrative artificial, and I find it challenging to write.

This decision is not a criticism of the mods! I desire to make a story based on them but not dictated by them.

Wulf will be much the same as he is now regarding knowledge and abilities, but the beginning with Rigmor will be significantly different and deviate from the mod.

The separation of Guardian General and Dragonborn will be removed. Wulf and Rigmor’s romance will not be hidden from those in Bruma.

I hope you all enjoy the fourth attempt. I guarantee it will be the last!

10 thoughts on “Starting from the beginning…again…

  1. hey if i got more to read I’m happy either way so you always have my support and i really love when you make the story your own as i love your story telling so even though i love the whole rigmor mod i would prefer your version of it with your story telling

  2. The way I see it, You need to do what you need to do. Take how ever long and do whatever you need to do. You are the one that needs to feel comfortable with your results. We, who are your “Fans”, are given the privilege, by you, to read your Journals over these past few years. I am in Awe of how you come up with some of the things you do. The words and stories just come alive. Thank You Mark

  3. Well, Neshotah58 has said it all. I totally agree with him. I had started reading this set of journals from the beginning again. I was wondering why it was taking a while for the latest entry, now we know. I, probably we, were betting worried about you. Stay safe and well, looking forward to the new set of journals. Thanks Mark for all you effort.

    1. Bad Writer’s Block cause by lack of enthusiasm for the story arc. Plus I have been up to my neck in Genealogy. It has taken 12 years but I finally tracked down my father in law’s birth family. My wife’s family didn’t know he was adopted till I started the Family Tree. I have been chasing DNA clues for many years!

    1. It will not resemble the current journal at all. Wulf will be a Thane of several Holds and several major quests will be completed before Alduin shows up. Helgen might never be destroyed. Rigmor is not going to recover in some camp near Riverwood. There will be no effort to hide Wulf being Dragonborn and Guardian General. Several dragons will help demolish the Stormcloaks. Wulf will be visiting Bruma quite often.

  4. Sorry, I was so busy with other stuff, I never got around to commenting. But I certainly understand, and I look forward to reading the new journal. To be honest, I kind of felt it coming on… 😉

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