Wulf Septim, the fifty-second Emperor of The Imperial Empire, was a legendary figure whose impact on Nirn’s history will forever be remembered. Alongside his beloved wife, Rigmor Ragnarsdottier, The High Queen of Tamriel, Wulf devoted his life to protecting the innocent and ensuring the smooth transition of power to their daughter, Empress Kintyra Septim the Third.

Wulf’s love for Rigmor was not only all-consuming but also widely celebrated by mortals and revered by The Nine.

As a Champion of The Nine, Wulf was tasked with duties that required physical travel on Nirn and other planes, including Oblivion. Many crises resulted from Daedric Lords trying to bypass or destroy The Liminal Barrier. Others were the product of mortal greed.

Wulf was blessed with numerous gifts from The Nine, including being Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul and blood of a dragon, as granted by Lord Akatosh. Wulf’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable and he spent years studying and training in various schools of magic, as well as honing his skills with various weapons. He was a formidable opponent to many Daedric Lords, who could not command him, as he only acted on his terms.

Wulf’s arrival in Skyrim in 4E 201 was no coincidence, as The Divines had called upon him to resolve a pressing issue, that of Alduin’s return. Through his journal entries, selected passages of which have been compiled in “The Complete Journals of Wulf” and “The Annotated Journals of Wulf”, scholars can gain a deeper understanding of Wulf as a person and the decisions he made throughout his life.

Wulf Septim’s legacy is one of bravery, wisdom, and unwavering devotion to his duties as a Champion of The Nine and protector of Nirn. His journals are a valuable tool for future generations to learn from and be inspired by this great man.

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist, Nirn College of History.

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  1. as introductions go that’s pretty good and now i want to read these new journals even more as i cant wait to see what plans you have

  2. Sounds like the last entry of Wulf’s Journal that Wulf couldn’t complete. ….Fade to Black….. What took place previous to that entry is as follows…. Thank You Mark

  3. It looks like this set of journals will be the ones that lead up to and include RoT. and like the fellows above, I am very much looking forward to laughing, crying, being sad and angry for the next few years while reading them. Well Mark you will probably add another 20 million words here to do just that. I hope you are just as keen as we are.

  4. I have finally finished reading all the original journal entries, it was a good read again and I could see how your writing style slowly changed over the course of all the entries. Yanno I still laughed and cried.

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