Sundas, 13th Heartfire, 4E 202

Skyrim Wilderness, Froki’s Shack: More guardians, An offer he can’t refuse.

I wrote this journal entry early in the morning of the 14th of Heartfire in Skyfall Estate.

I awoke around 6:30AM and contemplated hard tack for breakfast.

Then I smelt bacon. I turned towards Whiterun and could see smoke from the Khajiit camp.

I walked into their camp and was immediately greeted warmly and soon had a plate of bacon stacked high and some drink they called Cha.

In between mouthfuls of greasy goodness I negotiated prices for some of the gems I was carrying. We knew what prices would eventually be paid but haggling is a tradition.

As I was leaving I told them that one day I will be Emperor and all Nord will have to stay outside the Imperial City gates and live in tents. Khajiit laughter is a wonderful thing and welcome anytime.

Next on my list was a mammoth. Despite sneaking up on foot the thing got wind of me, turned and charged.

A couple of quick arrows stopped it.

A larger than usual goo pile was my reward.

Next was the sabre cat somewhere in the snowfields of the far North. All I could think of was bacon and a warm fire as I neared my prey.

Eventually I saw it below a ledge getting stuck into some horkers and a not very smart wolf.

I could have shot it from my vantage point but I felt this animal deserved more than a sneak attack. So I jumped down and was greeted by a flying set of teeth aiming for my throat.

‘The Sword’ quickly turned that into a pile of goo.

Blaze was a blur as we raced along the roads to Froki’s shack. I don’t know if they could read my body language but no man, mer or beast tried to stop me.

Deja-vu’. Back at the shack.

Pretty sure I have seen that grumpy old man before.

I’ve defeated the guardian spirits.

“You do Kyne proud. Only one challenge remains. Go and defeat the troll champion.”

(He marked the location on my map.)

“Complete this trial and you’ll have proven yourself a true hunter.”

So off I went again aboard my supernatural flaming horse with the personality of a rock.

I arrived at the trolls cave around 8:00PM.

It was full of the hairy beasts!

Kyne’s champion was a trophy collector. It had lined up skulls along its ledge.

I saw a normal sized troll fly through the air and smash against a far wall and slide down leaving a red trail. It must have said something wrong to the big guy. It saw me and came roaring at full speed. I did not feel like being sporting with this thing. So I peppered it with arrows before it reached me.

I had to fight several more of its buddies before I reached the corpse. No puddle of blue goo this time. Just a solid but transparent corpse.

Back onto Blaze and we passed some of the same road weary travellers for the third or fourth time that day!

I was about 11:30 when I reached the shack for the last time.

At least Froki stood this time. Perhaps respect had been earned.

I’ve defeated the guardian troll.

“Then you finally know what it means to be a true hunter, in the Nord way. For this you have earned the Blessing of Kyne and can count me as friend.”

Good, because a friend would listen to what I am about to say.


You do not get much news here do you. No news sheets for instance?

“Why would I want to read about Divine followers killing other Divine followers over what even more Divine followers are allowed to do in Skyrim?”

I am Ysmir. The Stormcrown bestowed to me in the name of Kyne and Shor and in the name of Atmora of Old. I am Wulf, Dragonborn and Champion of The Divines. I have been to Sovnguard and defeated Tsun in combat. I have talked to many heroes of old, including Ysgramor, and three of the greatest fought by my side.

(The old man stood with his mouth open. His grandchild, Haming, started to giggle.)

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old and my housecarl Lydia stood with me and we defeated Alduin, the World Eater, in combat.

(Froki sat with a thump onto his chair. His mouth was still open and eyes wide.)

Like Shor and Lorkham are the same. Kyne and Kynareth are the same. Many of The Divine and other Gods have more than one name. Sometimes they have more than one aspect. I was sent by The Divine on behalf of Kynareth herself to do this trial. That is what importance it has amongst The Divine.

(Froki started to look worried. Did he think he blasphemed?)

I can see you are worried about your harsh words. The Divine are not stolen idols or imposter Gods. Saint Alessia had the task of uniting the people and picking a name from the myriad for each God was part of it. A name change is not stealing and it does not make a God an imposter. The Divine do not punish people for harsh words. Otherwise I would worry about my own health as I have called my Lord Akatosh far worse! I have spoken to many Daedra and helped a few without punishment. Do not fret over your words. They were spoken from a concern for and love of Kyne. I am impressed by your loyalty to her and so are The Divine, otherwise I would not be here.

(The worry was replaced by the same pride that I felt the first time I talked to him.)

I have a proposition. Feel free to say no. Ask for some time to think about it if you wish. I have two schools for orphans and abused children. I am not asking you to send Haming to one of them alone. I think he needs the education they provide and the company of other children. I think you need to teach your hunting skills and lore to these children. I also think Kynareth would like you to be more accessible to those who wish to undergo Kyne’s Trials. Many would undertake it if they knew it was still available. So Froki, what do you say?

(Froki looked at Haming and could see the longing on the child’s face. He turned back to me with tears in his eyes.)

“I have worried about Haming’s education since the day I picked him up from that horrible orphanage in Riften. All the money his parents set aside for it was lost with their lives and his home when Helgen was destroyed. How can I afford such as you offer?”

Not only is Haming’s education and board free, you get paid a wage if you agree to be a teacher. You do not have to be a kind old gentleman to the children. My new school is to teach the less cerebral skills. The skills that allowed us to survive the transition from Atmora to the harsh but beautiful landscapes of Skyrim. My first school is wonderful and magic, history and other things taught there are just as essential as survival skills but often a child is drawn to one or the other. My new school has far more room and facilities to pursue skills such as you can teach. You will want for nothing. You can put away the wages or spend them as you wish.

“I get paid to put up with city rats who want to learn how to be a real Nord? And Haming can learn how to be a milk drinker if he wishes?”

I have all races and religions at my schools. They are damaged children with dark pasts. They want and need to learn how to survive in this world. Not how to be a true Nord.

“It will take me some time to adjust to other races. I assume other teachers are as varied as the children. It is ignorance that makes me speak like a Stormcloak. I see I will learn much as well.”

Well Froki, do you need time to think this over?

“Look at Haming. He has been to dark places as well. He has tried to talk to me about Helgen. I am not what he needs. He needs the healing other children can provide. I get to do the work of blessed Kyne and keep traditions alive. Of course I will do it! This shack will not go to waste. I know a family of hunters doing it harsh. They can have it.”

I am so happy you have agreed. The new school is just being finished. In a week or two I will send a courier and a day or so later an escort to get you safely to your new home. May The Divine keep you safe.

With that I left the shack and mounted Blaze. I headed for the new school. It is called Skyfall Estate. I wanted to inspect it and it was as good a place as any to write this journal entry and sleep.

I do not know what time I fell asleep.

I do know it was with satisfaction of a task completed. I was also looking forward to hearing children’s laughter fill these new halls of learning.

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